Mission Statement

GiveTech.org was established to

  • Identify individuals
    • With severe physical disabilities whose disabilities leave them physically unable to use a computer through normal means (e.g. mouse and/or keyboard) but who remain lucid,
    • Who lack the financial ability to purchase the necessary computer input technology to allow them to use a computer,
    • Whose lives would be greatly improved by the ability to use a computer,
  • Determine the needs of such individuals and the best solutions to allow these individuals to utilize a computer,
  • Obtain the necessary technology (either through purchase or donation) for the identified individual and give this technology to that person, and thereby,
  • Greatly improve the quality of life for these severely physically disabled people.

More Information

People with severe physical disabilities struggle greatly with things most of us take for granted. Without help, many cannot write a letter, make a phone call, buy something from a store, or hold down a job. In very severe cases, even basic communication is impossible in any but the most laborious of ways.

The computer (and, through it, the Internet) solves many of these problems and opens up whole new worlds to the severely physically disabled. Imagine the feeling of self-reliance that comes from needing something and ordering it over the Internet. Imagine the self-esteem one can gain from entering an Internet chat room and being thought of and treated as a 'regular' person, not someone with a severe disability. This computer-aided autonomy is impossible without an input device designed for the disabled. However, for many people, the cost of such a device excludes them from this new world of opportunities offered by the computer and Internet.

boost.jpg GiveTech plans to solve this problem for many financially disadvantaged people with severe physical disabilities. GiveTech has been in contact with Boost Technology, the makers of high-quality assistive technology input devices, and has worked out a special price for Boost's gyroscopically-controlled mouse, called the Tracer.

The Tracer is a relatively inexpensive, easy-to-use input device which one wears on the head. Through the use of a small and accurate gyroscope, the device communicates wirelessly with a computer via a new kind of Radio (RF) technology.

The user of a Tracer unit can operate a computer with minimal help from a non-disabled person. With the Tracer, the disabled can take advantage of all the benefits offered by computers and the Internet, and feel a newfound self-respect that comes with independence.

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GiveTech.org is a non-profit organization based in San Francisco, CA.


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